Eighty-two souls, looking out through one hundred sixty-four eyes (give or take), encountering the filmmaker face to face; making eye contact and entering into a contract of one-cent-per-day for the rest of the artist's professional life.

Kicking off with a full-time, month-long campaign in September of 2022, Finn Szumlas has been offering his presence and his work in the "real, wild world": in the streets, parks and squares of Amsterdam; in hidden hideaways, near cinemas, film festivals and - who knows - on your very front door step.

Where fundraising meets performance art, the artist entrusting himself to providence and to the real kindness of real strangers.

Check out this Dutch newspaper article ('Het Parool') from 13 September 2022.

Care to support Finn Szumlas and his filmmaking with your own Eye Contract? Donate by simply making your one-time or periodical transfer to
cineManna @ NL44 TRIO 2000 3719 49.
(Leave your e-mail address in the description field with "at" instead of @.)

Donations from outside the EU are possible via PayPal.

As of 1 December 2022
€458,40 PER MONTH


10-12 NOV '22 - Amsterdam

Watch this page on eyecontracts.com for updates. All information is subject to change.